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Knocked Up

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Director: Judd Apatow
Year: 2007

It's fairly an understatement to say this film has had mixed reviews, and watching it makes clear some of the kinds of ideological difficulties reviewers must have with this story (being based around all kinds of issues which sharply divide critics), though it seems movie audiences haven't had so much trouble given its great success.

So, from my perspective, what I saw was a very funny and at times very raw film about becoming an unexpected parent. I couldn't critique it on realistic grounds (and certainly the female lead, whatever pain she might have been going through as a character, never seemed to have a hair out of place), but the filmmakers don't flinch from showing some fairly ugly scenes (not the childbirth scenes so much -- which are fairly surprising in a mainstream American comedy -- but the bitterness of the interpersonal relationships).

Some of the character development, to be sure, has a perfunctory quality (the idea of Seth Rogen's character becoming so quickly responsible and mature), and at times the film seems to be loaded towards the idea of parenting as a wonderful fulfilling thing that everyone should be pursuing (certainly issues of whatever it's called these days -- planned pregnancy? pro choice? -- are carefully put into the mouths of the least likeable characters), but that's a minor quibble and probably more a matter of the individual viewer's feelings as the film's. Which is also likely to be the cause of the mixed reviews.

However, I liked this film. It was funny and it was, dare I say it, touching too.
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Cinema's Location:
London SE15 4ST
Rating (out of 5):
silly ****
Peckham Multiplex
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