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Eagle vs Shark

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Director: Taika Waititi
Year: 2007

A New Zealand movie, and it's been quite a while since I saw one of those. I think Whale Rider was the last one to make much of an impact, but the kind of thing which Eagle vs Shark is far more exemplary of the usual type of New Zealand domestic filmmaking. It is very much the quirky and offbeat comedy which dominates (strangely enough, there's relatively little of this on NZ TV) and compared to some of the films of this genre which have been made in NZ of the past 5-10 years, Eagle vs Shark is at least watchable and sporadically amusing.

Man of the moment (for the last few years), Jemaine Clement of the Flight of Conchords duo, plays the leading man, a somewhat repressed and entirely self-involved man who finds a connection with a similarly quirky woman in a small town in NZ. I can't really say much of what else happens, but it's a generally pleasant offbeat courtship ritual in which thankfully Brian Sergent (as the father) doesn't overplay his character as he is wont to do elsewhere.

A nice film, well-made, but a bit underwhelming on a story level, the film shows enough signs of promise to hope for better for the future from Waititi and his stars.
Cinema's Location:
London SW1Y 4DP
Rating (out of 5):
blank ***
Odeon (Panton St)
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